Road Trips, Dogs, Lakes and Central California

og road doggie portrait edited DSC01396 DSC01328

This was my first AJGA tournament of the summer. It was in central California, a three hour drive from home. Yay for road trips, especially when the scenery is nature, nature, nature from start to finish. I slept about half the ride but Whole Foods Market was enough incentive to make me wake up. Equipped with fresh olive bread, chocolate truffles, and roasted brisket, I was ready to enjoy the latter half of the trip eating and enjoying the ride. My mom and I were driving along the road when we saw little glimpses of water through the trees and remembered the familiar lake we had passed by a few weeks ago when we drove up for a practice round. Curious to see the entire body of water, we pulled over and got down to take a few photos. The view was mesmerizing, calling for more than just a few photos. We explored the place while having a mini photo shoot as on the side, because thats what girls do when we see beautiful places. Anyway, just as we were about to leave, a stranger and his dog walked out of the bathroom and strolled along the lake, taking a break from a long drive. I saw his dog and I knew I had to take a photo. It was an opportunity that certainly could not be missed. In the beginning of my quest for the perfect photo, I only wanted a photo of the dog. However, this proved impossible. Whenever I separated the two, she would just keep walking back to her owner. It was impossible to take a good photo of her without the man in it as well, so i reluctantly gave up and began taking photos of them together and the photos came out absolutely amazing. I could really feel the bond between the two in their eyes. I know, I know, backlight. But I still love it. That feeling when you know you got a good photo, it just feels so good.

.Enjoy life, Enjoy the world.



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