5D3_9559     5D3_9572


This photoshoot was my first try at studio photography. Originally my story for this shoot was: what someone do if they were home alone. I imagined a plethora of photo ideas and one idea was an 80’s theme which was inspired by the music video of Problem by Ariana Grande. However, once we started shooting, I saw that Nicole (the model) fit very well with this theme and we just stuck with it for the rest of the shoot. We made a makeshift studio in my room, bringing in lamps and flash. My friend, Gabbie and I looked like fools climbing on beds and chairs trying to find the right angle for the flash. It made me realize the difficulty of studio photography, because of the constant need to fix variables especially in a cramped room. However, this photoshoot allowed Gabbie and me to experiment and unleash our creative minds without worrying about the sunset, which was a great relief. Before this, most of my photos were outside and mainly scenery so this photoshoot allowed me to love and appreciate this type of photography.

.Happy New Year.



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