Chaos And The Calm



~~ THANK SO MUCH to my model, Nicole, for always being enthusiastic no matter how weird my ideas are.

.Enjoy life. Enjoy the world.



Sam in Wonderland Part 2


Sam has revisited the magical wonderland. Just kidding. Although I took these photos a while back, there were so many photos in my archive that really wanted to post. So… here they are! I’ve been so busy with school and golf that I haven’t had the chance to take good photos. However, now that school is almost over, I’m excited to get inspired and create new things!

Enjoy life. Enjoy the world.


The Land of the Ostrich









1DX_5012My dad and I were driving down highway 101 for hours when we passed by this tiny little sign that said: FEED ME, OSTRICHES. We slammed on the breaks and barely swerved into their driveway. We got all our camera gear ready (my dad is a camera nerd too) and quickly paid our four dollars to see these extremely adorable ostriches. Although they are incredibly photogenic, they did absolutely nothing so it was quite boring to watch them. I sadly did not get to witness the ostriches sticking their heads in the ground because they were quite acclimated to people sticking cameras in their faces. We only stayed for about six minutes and left, but it was fun and I got good photos (most important part haha).

On the Road Again


There’s just something about street lights on a rainy day.

5D3_1353How are all of you doing? Hopefully not sick, because it seems like everyone is catching the flu this year. It might just be the weather, which doesn’t look to good from the photos I’ve taken on the way home from my golf tournament (tournament season again yay) in Palm Springs, CA. Who would’ve expected it a sandstorm during the tournament and rain all the way home. Just loving the spontaneity of California weather (sarcasm). Anyways, I’m still trying to get the hang of editing photos on lightroom. They always seem to turn out really edited or at least in my eyes. I might just take some of my archives and practice editing, so the next few posts might just be a mixture of older photos.

.Enjoy life. Enjoy the world.




5D3_0713   5D3_0939   5D3_1084I drive by this trail everyday on my way to school and have been dreaming to have a photoshoot there and it has finally happened. My model and I arrived there at dawn and spent the morning walking (posing) along the trail. After this shoot, I have realized the beauty of taking photos early in the morning. There’s just something special about the atmosphere that’s definitely worth waking up for.

.Enjoy life. Enjoy the world.


Leopard Beauties




Been super busy (more like lazy) so I haven’t really posted any good photos. I had been planning to take photos of my leopard geckos, so I persuaded myself to finally get off my oh so comfortable chair and try out my macro lens for the first time. It was a difficult to use because i was photos with bad light and I had trouble adjusting the aperture. Didn’t realize that the depth of feel was smaller in the marco world, but I’m satisfied with the results. Anyway, its time to stop procrastinating and start my homework 🙂

.Enjoy life. Enjoy the world.


Italy In La Habra

5D3_0105  5D3_0055

5D3_9960     5D3_0032   fe
5D3_0074Instead of studying for my SAT’s, I took a break from all the stress to take a few photos at a tiny, family-owned, Italian market. I’ve been going there since I was a child and I never get tired of it. Once you step into the store, you get struck by the amazing smells. Everyone working there is really friendly and the entire place is just filled with color. The sandwiches and cookies are TO DIE FOR. Plus, I met these two cute little girls shopping with their parents. They both had their own cart with nothing in it. I couldn’t help but take a few photos, which they eagerly agreed. These were just a few of the plethora of photos. Can’t wait for my next visit there.

.Enjoy life. Enjoy the world.


Best of 2014

This is one week late but better later than never right? Anyway, here’s a collections of photos that didn’t make it onto the blog because there weren’t enough to make a good series. Enjoy!
IMG_6686 5D3_3497 G 5D3_9899 f IMG_6975

And here’s a photo for this year:

.Enjoy life. Enjoy the world.





5D3_9559     5D3_9572


This photoshoot was my first try at studio photography. Originally my story for this shoot was: what someone do if they were home alone. I imagined a plethora of photo ideas and one idea was an 80’s theme which was inspired by the music video of Problem by Ariana Grande. However, once we started shooting, I saw that Nicole (the model) fit very well with this theme and we just stuck with it for the rest of the shoot. We made a makeshift studio in my room, bringing in lamps and flash. My friend, Gabbie and I looked like fools climbing on beds and chairs trying to find the right angle for the flash. It made me realize the difficulty of studio photography, because of the constant need to fix variables especially in a cramped room. However, this photoshoot allowed Gabbie and me to experiment and unleash our creative minds without worrying about the sunset, which was a great relief. Before this, most of my photos were outside and mainly scenery so this photoshoot allowed me to love and appreciate this type of photography.

.Happy New Year.


Sam in Wonderland





5D3_8770  5D3_8107

5D3_8748  5D3_8856-2

5D3_8890-2 5D3_8915


This my depiction of an adventure in Wonderland. The first few photos show her uncertainty of the area but she slowly comes to enjoy and mature from the journey. We shot at Hacienda Country Club when it was closed so we had the freedom to do whatever we wanted to without bothering anyone. The sunsets there never disappoint and was an excellent place to have a photoshoot. Practicing golf there everyday, it felt like I was walking in Wonderland and I wanted to share that experience. As my first photoshoot with Sam, I was really impressed by her ability to express the character of what I imagined perfectly.

.Merry Christmas.